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2019-12-25 06:48:07
Do you want to know where to invest money? These 17 options will make you generate income

Do you have any savings and would you like to get them some benefit? If you want to know where to invest money, you have arrived at the right place !!

In this article, I will talk about the best options to invest your money and start generating extra income.

In this article, you will find: [hide]

    Before thinking about where to invest money ...
    The 17 best options where to invest money
    Other ways to earn money ... passively
    Can you make money without investing money?
    In conclusion…

Before thinking about where to invest money ...

You must consider certain aspects and concepts that will guide you in your decision to invest money.
Do you know what type of investor you are?

To know what type of investor you are, you should know to what extent you are willing to risk your money. Although it is not so simple since they can influence elements that are difficult to quantify and other subjective ones, knowing your financial profile will help you know the most convenient investment for you.

The investment profile will indicate the relationship between the risk you are willing to assume and the returns you expect to obtain. With this in mind, the investment profiles are:

    Risky: It is the investor who already knows and controls the financial world, is willing to risk his capital with the possibility of achieving greater profitability. Normally you will invest money in equities with short or very short terms.

    Conservative: It is an investor who will prefer to keep his capital safe even if this means a lower return. You will make investments in fixed income and are usually medium-long term.

    Moderate: This investor is between the risky and the conservative, because he wants to receive more profitability but without risking too much. Your investments in fixed income and equities will be similar and in the medium term.

And you, what kind of investor are you?
Is it possible to invest without risk?

No, not.

The investment risk will never be zero. All investments are at risk, but what we can do is reduce it, choosing products with low risk.
Are you going to get money fast?

I am sorry to inform you that if this is your intention, this is not for you.

No, you will not get it fast money. Some investments will generate the first income after a few months, others after a few years, it depends on which option you choose.

Remember that investments can also depend on macroeconomic factors and other factors external to us.

You will be interested to read: How to get money fast and easy in one day
How to choose the right option to invest my money?

This decision is personal and will depend on the study you have made of the investment options. This study is done to know the main characteristics such as risk, profitability or the degree of liquidity.

You also have to think about how much money you are willing to risk, what your economic goals are, what knowledge you have and your preferences regarding investment control.

If you're a little lost, don't worry, it's normal. I recommend that you visit the website of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). In their section on investments, they have prepared a tool that advises you about the investment that best responds to your needs. Get to know this tool by clicking here.
How much money should you invest?

As I said above, all investments are at risk, some more than others, there is even the risk of losing everything.

Therefore, you should only invest the extra money that you have saved and that you can afford to lose without affecting your life. In other words, my advice is to only invest the money you have leftover after covering your basic needs in the future.

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Should you invest all your money in one place?

I recommend you create a diversified investment portfolio.

That is, that you allocate different amounts to different options because that way you reduce the risk of losses. If an investment fails you have others that can give you returns.

I recommend you read these 10 fundamental rules to invest money successfully
The 17 best options where to invest money

Below you will find a list that I have prepared with the best options where to invest money.

1. Investment funds

Investment funds consist of pooling the funds of investors to invest in different assets, which may be stocks, bonds, ...

The management of this investment is carried out by a professional.

There are different investment funds that we can access, according to our profile as investors (conservative, moderate, risky) and the profitability we want to obtain.

In recent years, this type of investment can also be made with robot advisors. Theft advisors are "robot advisors" who are responsible for managing your assets automatically according to your investor profile. Do you want to know what investor you are and what plan is right for you? In less than two minutes you will find out with this test.

2. Invest in Shares

Shares are securities that some companies issue to finance themselves. The owners of these obtain certain rights, such as receiving dividends if the issuing company decides to distribute them and obtain benefits.

Investment in shares consists of buying these securities to later sell them at a higher price, and / or receive dividends.

Normally the shares are sold quickly, which makes this an investment with a high degree of liquidity. It also has a high potential for profitability in the medium or long term.

However, it has a high risk, since this market is highly volatile and is affected by economic, political or social factors that influence the price of the shares.

Although you do not need to have a lot of capital, if you must take into account the payment of commissions to a professional for each operation (to assess whether a small investment is profitable or not, for example). In the case that you want to do it on your own, for you to make a correct investment in actions it is necessary to know in this field.

3. Invest in Bonds

Bonds are debt securities that some companies, governments and other entities issue to finance themselves. They give the owner the right to receive periodic interest payments, which are fixed in advance and are constant during the life of the bonds.

This investment consists of buying these securities with the objective of obtaining an income, with periodic interest payments.

The bonds offer a high return potential, but less than the shares. Also here you do not need technical knowledge to invest.

Investment in bonds was considered as low risk, however, given the latest financial crises, investors now go with lead feet. The main risks of a bond investment are interest rate, credit, inflation and liquidity. Also, the duration provides a measure of risk linked to changes in the performance of a particular bond: the longer the duration, the greater the risk, and vice versa.

4. Invest money in Binary Options

I do not recommend investing money in binary options without knowledge. Although it is increasingly popular and seems very simple, you can lose your savings, and this happens many times.

This investment mechanism consists of selecting an asset or a currency and betting or predicting whether its price will rise (CALL option) or to decrease (PUT option). Similar to a bidding system and where speed management is important.

In a favorable operation you can earn between 50 and 80% of profits, a great advantage without a doubt ... BUT in the opposite case you can lose all your investment. This is why this option is high risk and where the term is very short, sometimes the operation can last a couple of minutes.

On the Internet there are many pages to invest in binary options. If you want to invest here, I recommend selecting a quality one that is authorized.

You will also be interested in reading: Binary options: scam or real opportunity?

5. Fixed-term deposits

This option is the most common where to invest money, among those who seek security and simplicity.

The operation is simple. The financial institution offers you an X profitability in exchange for you keeping X amount of money for X time in said banking entity. You will charge the interest once the term has been met.

In the case of needing the capital, you could withdraw it but after paying a penalty that does not affect the principal.

It is undoubtedly one of the safest investment options because you know the interest you are going to receive and the term of the recovery. Also you do not need great knowledge about finance, because this is managed by the financial institution.

6. Microcredits

Microcredits were born as an alternative to traditional banks in developing countries for social purposes.

What are microcredits?

They are small loans that are granted to groups with few resources and who have difficulty obtaining a loan.

Initially, they were aimed at women with few resources and who wanted to undertake a project or meet their needs. But currently, microcredits are also granted to cover urgent needs that can be covered but not at that time.

If you are interested, you can go to a specialized financial institution, either online or in an office to request more information. I recommend that you do not invest all your capital in a single project, but that it is used to finance several projects, to reduce risks and obtain better returns. Think that if a project does not work, but you have invested in five, your losses will be less.

This investment can be made in the short, medium or long term, according to the project you choose. But I recommend that you look for investments with returns at different times, to obtain income at different times and you can reinvest according to the evolution of the market, or simply enjoy the benefits.

If you want to know more about how to invest in microcredits, I leave you the link to the Microcredits blog, click here, find interesting information and some platforms where you can invest.

7. Invest in Crowdfunding

Surely this sounds to you, right?

And it is that more and more crowdfunding is being talked about, as a way of investment and means of obtaining financing.
Crowdfunding: your money in other projects

Invest your savings in projects

Crowdfunding is a means of collective financing, which is usually done through online platforms, that is, without financial intermediation, and is intended to finance a given project. The objective is to put project promoters in contact with potential investors or providers of funds that hope to obtain a return.

There are four types of crowdfunding, according to the reward that is expected to be received for financial contributions:

Fundraising It is expected to receive a reward that can be in the form of a product or service.

Crowdinvesting The consideration is through shares or participation of the company. It is expected to obtain benefits in the medium or long term.

Crowdlending The contribution is made a change of interest on the money borrowed, this interest rate will vary according to the amount borrowed and the repayment term.

Crowdonation Contributions are made selflessly and no reward is expected.

The operation of Crowdfunding is quite simple, although it depends on the platform where the beams are and the project, it is usually the following:

The entrepreneur or project promoter sends his project idea to the platform, with the specific description, quantity he needs, type of crowdfunding, etc.
The platform is responsible for assessing the project and after this it is published. The publication indicates the time that people have to invest money in it.
Once the ad is published, entrepreneurs will be responsible for promoting it to get the necessary funding.
When the deadline ends, close the project and check the financing obtained.

Here is a guide to crowdfunding platforms in Spain, which Crowdacy has developed.

Also if you want to know more, find in this blog different interesting publications about crowdfunding and different projects. I recommend it to you. 😉

8. Real estate or real estate

This investment of money consists of buying a property, it can be a house, department, commercial premises or land, to later sell it at a higher price, and rent it and obtain an income.

Although it may seem a simple operation, it is necessary to have a good capital for this investment and also good knowledge of the market to be able to correctly choose the property to be purchased.

On the other hand, it is a safe investment with low and profitable risk, it is difficult for real estate to lose value over time, and if they lose they increase again.

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9. Angel investor or in English "Business Angels"

Investing as an angel investor is to find ideas that are going to be launched into the market or recently created companies, to invest your money in them with active participation, and thus help them grow.

The idea is to sell after several shares to obtain profits. Essentially it is a long-term investment.

The risk here is very high because you cannot predict exactly the success that a company or idea will achieve or not. Most companies go bankrupt in the first 3 years.

If you are interested in investing in new and innovative ideas, I recommend you read this article by my friend Agustín Grau: How to invest money in Startups. I also advise you to look for public or private centers that put in contact with entrepreneurs who are looking for financing for their projects.

10. Invest money in a business

This involves starting a business from scratch or buying a business that is running or financing the business of a third party.

The purpose is to obtain benefits from a percentage of the shares if in the future a price higher than the purchase price is sold.
You can invest in your project

Invest your money in your own business

Are you sure that having your own business is where you want to invest your money? yes?. So, I think they are some of the general recommendations that I think you should keep in mind:

Find out about the different possibilities to start your business. You should also inform yourself of everything that has to do with your business idea.

The choice of the business model you are going to follow is important. Review the information you have obtained in your research, the knowledge you have (by experience or studies), your skills and also the time you have to start it up and then to devote to it.

Make a correct organization of the tasks to be performed, it helps you achieve your goals and objectives.

Quickly plan the functional part as the budget you have, so you don't get any unpleasant surprises.

Publicize your business, there is no better publicity than word of mouth. Use social networks, your circle of friends and acquaintances to publicize your business and help everyone to spread it. If your business is not known, no matter how good it is, it will not succeed.

If you already have an idea, and you want to know how to make it a business, I recommend you read All the steps to turn an idea into a real business from the Emprendedores.es website. Another recommended reading of the same website is 50 tips to undertake.

This investment option offers a high return if your business is working properly and is successful, but at the same time, it has a high risk. On the other hand, you can have full control of your investment, when it comes to your own business.
11. Acquire a franchise

This is an alternative where to invest money, for those who are looking to start their own business.

However, investing in a franchise, requiring in addition to money, many hours of work.

What is a franchise?

It is the right that gives you a company (franchisor) already established in the market so that you (franchisee) can open a place with its brand.

There are all or almost everything franchises: restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, ... even hospitals and financial institutions. There are also business idea franchises, that is, they do not have their premises, but acquire the right to use the idea.

The advantages of acquiring a franchise are clear, including brand strength based on the credibility and loyalty of its customers. This is already a high probability of success.

However, you should not launch without more. Before doing a research study to assess this option as the best form of investment.

You should keep in mind that when you purchase a franchise, you are supervised and guided by a parent company. You cannot apply changes on your own, they must be approved by the parent company and you may not get their approval. This will limit your imagination, it is not serious, it is true, but you must assess whether you can work in this way.
12. Invest money in Gold

Invest your money in this precious metal, it consists of buying gold to sell it later at a higher price and thus obtain profits.

You can acquire gold in two ways:

Direct: gold coins or gold bars, that is, buy physical gold. But beware, this requires care, maintenance, and safety. If you leave it in custody in a bank, it can be a high cost.

Indirect: certificates of gold deposits, investments in specialized gold funds, shares of mining companies.

This investment can be quite profitable if you know when to buy it and when to sell it.

If you are looking for a short or medium-term investment, it is better not to invest in gold because of its instability.

However, it is a good option for long-term investments, due to the growth trends in gold demand and therefore the value is also increasing.

Also, we do not need great financial knowledge to invest in gold, it is a simple operation.

As for security, consider a fairly safe investment, since the value of gold is not easily devalued because it is not regulated by any government but depends on supply and demand. As he said before, the demand for gold could be higher.

Another advantage is that at any time you can sell it, and you don't have to go through an intermediary when paying a commission.
13. Invest money in Silver

Investing in silver is an alternative to gold.

This metal unlike the gold that accumulates; It is used for industrial consumption and is running out, which increases its value. Also faster than gold.

Nowadays the acquisition price of silver is low, but the value is expected to increase significantly. It is a good investment opportunity.

The forms of investment in silver are similar to those of investment in gold. You can buy silver bars or coins, certificates of deposit of silver or invest in shares of companies related to the extraction of silver.
14. Invest money in works of art and collectibles

Where is this?

It consists of buying paintings or sculptures of known or emerging artists.

But they can also be other types of objects such as stamps, coins, jewelry, ...

Although it can be a simple investment, keep in mind that it is not easy to get a buyer. It may take time to sell them. But in the meantime, you can rent them in a gallery or museum and get rent for them.

This investment can be quite profitable in the long term. And if you like art, you may enjoy having a work of art or a collector's item in your possession.

The biggest drawback is that you must be quite careful and maintenance. They have to be well preserved so that they do not lose value and are not destroyed. Also, insurance usually has a high cost.

If you are thinking about this investment, EYE to scams, so you don't buy a fake. I recommend you read: The 13 most common Internet scams!
15. Invest money in theater or cinema

This investment can generate significant benefits.

But of course, for this, you have to invest in the right movie or theatrical play, and unfortunately, no expert can tell you. The risk in this investment is high.

You can be successful with the highest-grossing film and in that case, they have high and even constant income. If, on the contrary, the film or the work has been a failure, you can lose all your investment.

No one knows how the public will react. Normally, this investment is made in the short term.
16. Invest money in high-end wine

Some experts say that investing in high-end wine is more profitable than in art. Although I warn you that you are not going to become a millionaire with a bottle of wine.
Invest in high-end wine bottles

Some experts say that investing in high-end wine is more profitable than in art

But why invest money in wine?

There are several reasons why you should consider this option to invest money.

The value of wine increases with only aging, even if you keep it underground.

The value may increase, even when its flavor erodes over time and can no longer be drunk. Although it may surprise you, it is true and it is what sets it apart from other assets. Over time, the bottles become "rare" because there may be few or no other bottles like that. So wine lovers or collectors are limited to paying large amounts of money.

Being a consumable product and increasing demand, stocks (bottles) decrease. There is a limited offer and this affects the price, so it increases.

The price of wines increases in the same line that increases wealth, that is, if more people can afford high-end wines, their price will rise.

On the other hand, this sector is not affected by economic recessions, interest rates, political aspects or fluctuations in the stock market.

You do not need to have the financial knowledge to invest in wines since it is a tangible product and can be easily acquired.

For all this and other reasons, this investment is quite stable in the medium and long term.

If you decide to invest your money in wines, remember that it also has its risks, although low, but they exist.

Also, you have to choose very well where you are going to buy since not all wines accumulate value. Make sure you choose the right wines and pay a suitable price for them. Although they are usually reduced to having a high price.
17. Invest money in ... IT

Yes, as you have tried, an investment option can be yourself ... What do you mean Jimena?

What I mean is that you can dedicate those savings to your training.

Perhaps a specialized course in some subject, or a course that allows you to update your knowledge or a course that allows you to develop your skills.

I consider this option a good choice whether you are working or if you are looking for a new job.

It is also a low-risk investment because it will help you develop your professional career and/or undertake. In no case is it a loss.

As for the reward, when you invest in your training you will receive new knowledge in return, you will develop your skills. You can see that reflected perhaps in salary increases or the development of a project.

Although it is the last option on this list, it does not mean that it is the least important. Rate it like all other options.

Can you make money without investing money?

Yeah right if!

If you search the internet for methods that you do not have to invest, you will find several. Of course, your earnings will not be the same as the investments I told you about before.

Some of these methods are very popular because they are simple, but don't expect to become a millionaire. Here are some ideas:

    Paid Surveys Pages known as i-Say (only in Spain); Toluna and the LifePoints website (in Spain and Latin America) pay their users between € 0.50 and € 2.50 for answering some questions about products or services. In this article, you will find more information about this method and other recommended pages.

    Applications to earn money. One of my favorites is Gift Hunter Club (it has several ways to earn extra money), but there are many more, find out here.

    Advertisement. We are used to seeing publicity, but to be paid for it? Neobux is one of the websites that have been doing it for several years. I tell you more about this article.

    Mini-works You can complete your income from the above methods by doing small tasks. For example: verify company information, recognize objects in images, etc. You can find these tasks in Clixsense or Clickworker. If you want to know more about this idea here you can read more.

In conclusion…

It is important to conduct a good study of each of the options before deciding where to invest money. Because that way you can make the right choice according to your economic goals.

I hope this information has been useful to you. 🙂

Remember to leave your comment or suggestion below.

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