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2019-05-13 14:15:45
Start earning money at Clixsense in 2019


Clixsense is one of the best pages I know to make money (if not the best). I love ♥ Clixsense. It is my favorite site and in this article I will explain everything I know so you can increase your profits on this fantastic page. Let's go!


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I currently use more than 50 different pages to earn money but in none I have won as much as in Clixsense. I've been making money with this page for about 8 years and in all this time I have made a lot of money. Considering that it is a free page (you will not have to pay anything) I recommend reading this article until the end and see my videos so you know how it works.

If you are looking for reviews about Clixsense, you should know that this article is updated in May 2019 and I will explain everything you need to be able to squeeze this great page to the fullest. Relax and read this information calmly because you will save a lot of time in the future. If you read to the end you will see that I have a small gift for people who sign up through my recommendation. 😉

A few months ago there were important changes. For example: It is NO longer a ptc (term used for pages that pay money for clicking). You no longer earn money watching ads, you have eliminated 8 levels of referrals and also premium accounts. From now on "only" we will earn money by doing surveys, completing offers, performing tasks and by a level of referrals.

I have earned a lot of money thanks to this page thanks to the eight levels of referrals I had in the past. Now it is very difficult to reach such high figures in Clixsense (unless you have thousands of people affiliated). Anyway you can earn 20 dollars a month relatively easy if you are very active and you are lucky with the surveys.

In the next video I explain how you make money now in Clixsense. The video lasts approximately 8 minutes and there I quote all the news and changes that have been on this page.

For me it is the most complete page we have right now to earn money, without a doubt. Clixsense is the page that receives the best opinions among the people who move in this world. It's where I'm making the most money and I recommend it for all the possibilities it offers to make money. From Spain it works perfectly. Although the page is in English, the surveys are usually in Spanish. It works for all countries although it does not work as well as before for some countries in Latin America.

Clixsense is a page that has been paying more than 10 years. Did you know that Clixsense has distributed more than 35 million dollars among all its users? No kidding the figure, that's a lot of money. They pay to do surveys, complete tasks, register in offers and invite friends (referrals).


I will explain shortly what this page is and how it works:

Description: ClixSense is one of the pages for doing tasks that I like the most and the most active I am. Clixsense has been paying faithfully to its users since 2007. They recently added new ways to earn money: It is earned through surveys, offers, games, tasks and watching videos. It started as a simple page that pays to see ads (PTC) but today is a web mostly focused on surveys and tasks.

My assessment: Excellent, the best without doubt.

Payment verified: Yes. Below you can see a receipt for this year.

Language: English although the surveys are in Spanish (easy and intuitive)

Clixsense Toolbar: It is a small application that is installed in your browser and alerts you when new tasks or surveys are available. It is very useful.

Levels of referrals: Clixsense has a level of referrals and earns 20% of what they generate. You also get a $ 2 bonus when referrals earn their first $ 5. If you have many referrals you want more, I'll explain it below.

Minimum to request payment: The minimum to charge in Clixsense is $ 10. The exception is through Payoneer where the minimum is $ 20.

Payment mode: Payoneer, Skrill and Tango Card.

For many it is difficult to understand how money is made with this page because it is in English but you will see that it is not so complicated. Although the page is in English, the works are usually in Spanish.

If you enter the page you will see that at the top there is a menu with several options. I explain these options in what they consist and how money is earned.

    SURVEYS: This is where we will win by doing surveys. Surely it's where more money can be earned at Clixsense. There are usually several surveys to complete per day (between $ 0.65 and $ 0.85 each).

OFFERS (Offers): Here we will find a lot of offers to make money. Most of the time it will be enough to register in the offers that suggest us (I advise you to read the conditions of each offer).

    TASKS (Tasks): These are the tasks that will put us to earn money. A little more laborious than doing the surveys and seeing the announcements but they are usually very simple tasks. Below I explain how the tasks are done.

    REFERRED (Affiliates): It is the section to invite our friends. Here we will find all the tools (banners and links) to get referrals.
    GAMES (Games): Here we will have a lot of games to pass the time. With Clixsense games you do not earn money.

    FORUM (Forum): The Clixsense forum is used to share experiences, doubts and questions with other users.

    MORE OPTIONS (More): Here we can download the extension for the ClixAddon browser, send a help ticket and read some useful tips.

It is necessary to be thankful that every time they are putting more options. Do you remember when they only paid to see ads? Now we go with one of the sections that I like the most, the surveys. A lot of polls usually appear! As an example the following image.

clixsense surveys

If you have to lie to do the surveys, you lie. But let them be lies that may seem true. I explain. Do not say that you are 20 years old and then that you have 5 university degrees. I explain? The companies that send the surveys are interested in very specific profiles. If the survey that comes to us is from a beer brand, we say that we like beer and that we consume it habitually. If we say that we do not like beer they will throw us out of the survey. That is why we must pay close attention to the first questions to know where the survey will go.

There are some questions that are repeated:

    Do you or any member of your household work in any of the following sectors? And the options are usually something like Marketing, Advertising, Market Research and the like. Here we will respond that we have nothing to do with this type of work.
    Decision making when making purchases. We will always answer yes. We will say that we are the person responsible for making home purchases.

To know the profile sought by the survey panels, I recommend reading the article "Do you receive few surveys? Causes and solutions «.


Most of the time, once we have satisfactorily completed a survey in Clixsense, they will add the money immediately (sometimes it will take a few minutes). But at other times we will have to wait a month to get the money corresponding to the survey. This happens with polls that have a tiny red flag. 🚩

In the image below you can see an example of two surveys that I completed with red flag. In the column on the left I see the date on which I did the surveys and in the column on the right the date on which they will confirm the remuneration of the same. They usually pay quite well for this type of surveys. In this case $ 2.40 and $ 3.03. Something that is very good.


Many people do not know that they also earn money by registering in the offers they recommend. Here you do not need to complete any survey or anything, you just have to register in the pages that indicate us. Here the only condition is that we use real data.

In the following image you can see some examples of offers that usually put. In the majority it is usually the same slogan: «Register for free with valid information«. Usually they usually pay $ 0.30 -0.35 for each registration. If you see that any offer is remunerated at $ 5 (like the last one in the image) they surely ask to make a purchase.

Offers in Clixsense

The simplest of Clixsense are the surveys. Simply click on the survey and answer the questions. Simple and complicated at the same time because many times they will throw us out of the polls for not finding the profile they are looking for.

More complicated is usually to do the tasks of Figure Eight (Tasks). First you will have to enter Clixsense in the "Tasks" section and then "Complete Tasks". First of all you will have to register at www.figure-eight.com. It is the company responsible for providing the tasks to Clixsense. In case of having problems with any task you will have to send the tickets to this external company. I advise you to have a translator at hand. The Google for example. Many of the tasks are usually in languages ​​such as Portuguese, English, etc.

We have 3 sections within our Figure Eight account:

        Jobs Completed: Are the tasks completed. The tasks are grouped into jobs and each user has a limit of tasks to be performed, that is, every certain amount of tasks is a job (this value is defined by the page itself). With the following example it is better understood: If there are 300 of a certain task to do, we usually can not do 300, maybe only 30, but it is never a predefined%. We can do tasks until the web tells us otherwise. If this happens, you will receive a message like this: "You have done the maximum amount of work on this job".
        Test Questions Answered: This is the total number of tasks we have performed. It is a virtually irrelevant value.
        Accuracy Rate on Test Questions: The most important value for us. As we increase the value, we can unlock more level or rank, and therefore, more number of tasks to do. The percentage reflects our percentage of success in the tasks, in other words, if I do a task that has ten sections and I have answered well again, we will obtain a 90% Accuracy (Percentage of success or performance).

If our percentage goes up, our level also, so we'll see how to unlock those levels below. We always start in the "rank 0", or we will not have level, so to get rank 1, we must do 100 tasks and have, in addition, a 70% success. If this is so, we can unlock Rank 1 (if not, you must send a ticket to Figure Eight).

Having rank 1, we should start doing tasks but we no longer need a number of tasks to do. We may need 150 tasks, 200 or 500 ... Our goal will now be 80% success, to unlock rank 2, just trying to do the most tasks and answering all correctly. If we want to obtain rank 3, our percentage of success must be at least 85% (it is the maximum rank that you can obtain).

Clixsense usually rewards the most active users with a daily bonus. To win the daily bonus you have to meet one of the following 3 conditions:

    Complete at least 10 tasks of Figure Eight
    Complete at least two surveys or offers
    Complete at least 5 tasks of Figure Eight and 1 survey or offer

Completing one of these three options we will have obtained the bonus of 12% and then, if we do it for 3 consecutive days and if we use the extension for the browser for at least one hour, we will gain an extra bonus until we reach a percentage of 16%. So Clixsense gives an "extra gift" to the most active and loyal users. 😉

Check list

In Clixsense you can earn a lot of money. I always repeat the same advice and it is as follows: Each one has to find what is the most profitable category given his profile, country of residence, skills to do the tasks, availability to do the surveys, etc. For me, for example, what I am best given are the surveys. On a good day I can earn up to $ 10 with the surveys (although then there are also bad days where I do not win anything). But there are people who make a lot of money with the tasks of Figure Eight.
There is no limit to invite, you can invite ten people, one hundred, one thousand or ten thousand. If you have many friends or followers on social networks, you can earn a lot of money with this page.

Clixsense referral link

Where is your link to invite people? As you enter your account, in the part you will see «Affiliate Link«, where your name, email, etc. are located. I have marked it in red in the image above. You just have to copy that link and share it with your friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues or studios ... Then the important thing is to explain how the page works because if you do not do the tasks you will not gain anything. Here you can read some tips and methods that I use to get referrals. Imagination to power! 😀

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or so they say. Or to show a button. I am going to show you one of my last payments in Clixsense. I recently managed to charge more than $ 78.45 thanks to Clixsense.

I show you the Payoneer voucher. Very happy with this page! 😀

2019 payment

How long is it taking Clixsense to make the payments? I have requested my payments through Payoneer the last few times. This way they are taking around a week to send the money. Normally they do not take more than 4-5 business days.

You can no longer charge through PayPal at Clixsense. It is bad news but we will have to adapt to the changes. What options do we have to charge now?

    Payoneer: It's the option that I like the most. The minimum to charge through payoneer is $ 10. The commission is $ 2 in each payment you request. From Payoneer you can transfer the money to a bank account (they charge you up to 2% if it is a different currency, for example from dollars to euros) and the minimum amount to transfer from payoneer to the bank is $ 50. There is an option to request a prepaid mastercard for $ 29.95. << See Payoneer Commissions >>
    Skrill: The commission for requesting Skrill payments is 1%. From Skrill you have the option to transfer the balance to Neteller, bitcoin or withdraw it to a bank account (€ 5.50 commission if you withdraw to the bank). << See Skrill commissions >>
    Tango Card: With this option you can choose if you want to charge by means of a gift voucher for Amazon or prepaid cards VISA or Mastercard (you can be a physical or virtual card). The best thing about Tango Card is that there is no commission when withdrawing money from Clixsense (you charge the full amount) and you can accumulate the money in Amazon or in the prepaid card. I recommend reading the article "How to charge by Tango Card without commission".

💡 What is the best option to collect?
It depends on some factors. If you charge large amounts, the best options are Payoneer and Skrill. For small amounts and if you want to charge the full amount and do not mind using it to make purchases online, the best option is Tango Card.

Now I explain why I charge through Payoneer. For me it is the best option but as I told you before there are other ways depending on the interests and profits of each one.

As I said, once you have removed Paypal, in my opinion the best option is Payoneer. I show you in the following video the utility that I give to the Payoneer card with the money that I earn in Clixsense. It is very interesting 😉

I recommend charging through Payoneer as long as you earn high amounts. Due to the commissions of the different processors, if you are only going to charge ten dollars my recommendation is that you do it through Tango Card and request a voucher to spend on Amazon. So they will pay you the full amount.

What will I tell you at this point? I do not remember or how long I've been working with this page. It will have been more than 8 years since I registered. And you see, I'm still here on foot. For me it is one of the indispensable ones. It is very complete, you can earn money in many ways and also serves for all countries. The strongest point of Clixsense is the surveys and tasks section.

A tip, download the ClixAddon extension for your browser. So you will not lose any tasks and earn 2% more in the daily bonus. You will receive a notification in your browser every time there is a new task or surveys. It is very useful.

And with this I think that I do not leave anything without explaining. It has been a stick that PayPal has removed, the ad section, the clixgrid game and the 8 levels of referrals but it remains an undeniable page if we want to earn money. The Latin American community has been losing with the changes because they do not receive many surveys but for Spain it is still one of the best pages we have to earn money.

Start earning money at Clixsense


If you have any questions or questions about Clixsense, you can leave a comment below and I will answer you happy. And if there are still some clueless who do not know this great page and want to point, I recommend it one hundred percent. And to earn money! 😉

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